Tips to Prepare for Wedding Dress Shopping

The day you go dress shopping is one of the most important days of the wedding planning process. It will be the time when you find the perfect dress for your special day. Unfortunately, shopping can also be stressful, especially if your mother, mother-in-law, and other assorted relatives want to join you. You may need to prepare yourself mentally for the onslaught of comments you will receive about your dress choices. During your mental preparation, consider some of the tips below as well that will help your shopping session go smoothly.

Do Not Wear Makeup

Makeup contains a wide variety of pigments that include iron oxide, chromium oxide, xanthene, and anthraquinone, to name a few. All of these materials are ideal for makeup because they are highly pigmented to create bold colors. While this is great to highlight your eyes or cheekbones, the pigments will create stains on the wedding dresses that you try on. This is especially true for foundations that contain an oil base and will readily transfer to fabric. Unfortunately, most wedding dresses are made from silk, tulle, and organza fabrics that cannot be easily cleaned. The wedding dresses you stain will likely need to be dry cleaned, and you may be on the hook for cleaning charges for each dress stained. To avoid these costs and your embarrassment, simply do not wear makeup on the shopping day.

You also need to stay away from deodorants that can cause stains to show up on the dress. However, skipping the deodorant may cause sweat to appear, so you should not avoid it altogether. Instead, look for varieties that are clear or labeled as no stain. You also should make sure these products contain no aluminum, because this material is most likely to cause the staining in the first place. 

Wear the Right Undergarments

If you are interested in a sweetheart, halter, straight strapless, off-shoulder, or illusion-topped wedding dress, then you probably do not want the straps of your bra ruining the look for you as you decide on the gown you desire. This is also the case if you want a dress with a low back. To help you inspect dresses the way they are supposed to look, make sure to purchase a strapless bra for the day. To make sure the bra fits correctly, you will need to go down at least one band size or the bra is likely to slip off. For example, if you usually wear a bra with a 36-sized band, opt for a 34- or 32-sized one instead. Also, purchase a product with an unlined cup to make sure that the undergarment does not create a visible ridge underneath the dress. If you have a large bust, then look for a full strapless bustier instead of a bra so that you are well supported.

When it comes to underwear, wear a plain cotton or silk pair without lace that are white or skin tone. This will help to reduce panty lines and the appearance of underwear through sheer fabrics. A slip will also help and make sure the bottom of the dress hangs down properly. Many wedding dress shops will have slips for you to use while shopping, so ask the store if they have one available before you visit. If they do not, then purchase a full slip if you will be trying on gowns with a full bottom and buy a half slip if you want to try on dresses in variable lengths. A satin, nylon, or silk slip is best, since these materials are smoother than cotton and will help wedding dresses hang correctly. 

Wedding dress shopping may be somewhat stressful if you are bringing a group of people with you to try on gowns. You should do your best to reduce the stress of the day. Preparing yourself by not wearing makeup and wearing the right undergarments are two things you can do. You also should ask the bridal shops you plan to attend for other helpful information before you start shopping for your dress. Contact a representative from a company like Bridal Elegance to get started.